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University of Melbourne

Japanese Room (Heritage Works)

Alford Builders were engaged to de-construct the Japanese Room (a heritage listed Room) from the old Architecture Building and place all materials into storage (all items wrapped up in special material to take care of timbers whilst a new building was constructed. Then Alfords’ were engaged to re-construct the Japanese Room to its former glory in the newly built Melbourne School of Design Building. We were given a blank shell within the Brookfield Multiplex Site during their construction period. We took great detail in our de-construct phase which was a huge asset for the re-construct. There were many on-site repairs required to the aged and weathered materials, our experienced tradesman had no issue taking care of this quality craftsmanship. We had regular dealings with the original Architects from Japan and also manufacturers in Japan of some new Shoji & Fusuma Screens required for the project. We take great pride in this very significant project as Alford Builders were hand-picked by the University of Melbourne as their preferred Heritage Builder to undertake the works.

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